Silicon Void

A sci-fi exploration RPG for PC & Mac



I love Japanese role-playing games. Specifically I love JRPG combat systems, and most of all I love combat systems from the late Playstation/early Playstation 2 era. This was when developers began to experiment with new kinds of mechanics, in games like Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, and Shadow Hearts. Always ambitious, but not always successful, few of these franchises survived the industry's transition to HD consoles, and those novel mechanics have not been seen for more than a decade; Chrono Cross in particular remains an entirely unique game design.


Today, the indie JRPG scene is exploding, but mostly these games pattern themselves on the same small set of 16-bit games, e.g. Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Those early genre-defining games are indeed classics, but I think now is the time to revive some of the more forgotten branches of the JRPG evolutionary tree.

Silicon Void builds on the intricate core mechanics of Chrono Cross and introduces even more opportunities for strategy through a Xenosaga-inspired turn clock that constantly changes the circumstances of battle. You’ll have to carefully plan ahead as well as improvise in response to unexpected situations, and every tactical choice you make has more than one consequence to consider.